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What Is A Bridging Loan And Can It Help Me?

As a general rule a bridging loan is a loan used in the short term until something more sustainable comes along. Bridging loans are often used by property investors, purely because of their flexibility with lending.

Rates for loans can vary and are specific to the use of the bridging. Having said that, rates can start from as low as 0.50% per month. Bridging loans are usually only used for 12 months until something more permenant is put in place. Longer bridging loans can be negotiated with your lender and should be discussed directly with them.

Investors generally use bridging for property purchases, and the loan can be secured on almost any residential property, land or other asset. As long as the lender is made aware bridging loans can be used for almost any legal purpose in the UK.

Speedy Bridging Loans are a specialist bridging loan company who search the market for the best possible loan deals for you. We are not a lender and therefore will not give you just one loan option.

Our solution is to give you as many loan options as we physically can, broadening your options when it comes to choosing finance. We can loan up to 5 million UK pounds.

We would like to also point investors towards to value your property before contacting us, so we have an estimated guideline of what your property is worth. This free house valuation service is provided by Top Cash Offer for free.